The Best
Retail Solution

Integrated Online Store, Cloud Point of Sale(POS) & Cloud Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Integrated Online Store, Cloud POS & WMS

The only solution in the industry to offer end-to-end integration for online store + cloud POS & WMS

Trusted Choice for Over 20,000 Companies

Cyberbiz is already the trusted choice for over 20K companies. We offer the most feature rich platform within the industry, with each feature designed to help you increase revenue.

End-To-End Site Building Service

Cyberbiz offers a wealth of necessary resources to help you succeed. Online and offline seminars are available to our customers. Go from zero to pro in no time!

Amazing Business Results At Minimal Cost

Cyberbiz currently offers the most fully featured eCommerce platform within the industry. Leverage Cyberbiz to your advantage and enjoy unprecedented growth in business.

Precise Target Audience

Effective Leads Generation
Without The Ad Cost

Cyberbiz eCommerce Site Builder connects to a suite of 3rd party SEO ranking and listing tools to help you boost traffic and revenue without burning money on advertising!

Streamlined Shopping Experience

Dazzling Array Of Tools
Stimulate Purchase Interest

The days of using price markdown as the sole sales tactic are over. Cyberbiz provides an arsenal of promotional tool modules to turn that “nice-to-have” consumer mindset into “must-have”! buying frenzy!

Cyberbiz CRM Module

Turn Customers Into Fans
Create Brand Loyalty

Customers are the most critical asset for any business. Use Cyberbiz CRM to gain insights into your customers. Cyberbiz CRM provides you with the most detailed and flexible system to group your customers. Use the insights for remarketing or consolidate with POS data from retail locations to enhance customer loyalty!

Build A Store Online That Sells

Cyberbiz is the only service offering you 100% customizable site building tool. We are focused on your customer’s shopping experience. With the most comprehensive support of payment and shipping partners plus features such as one page checkout, you can ensure the most smooth shopping experience for your customers!

Fully Customizable Looks

The only service to offer HTML/CSS editor, customize down to the last detail

Comprehensive Payment Solution Support

Supports different payment methods including credit card, bank/ATM transfer, convenience store pay code, and C.O.D.

Variety of Shipping Options

Popular methods including convenience store pickup, home delivery, and C.O.D. pickup. are all available

Comprehensive Operation Data

Track and receive data on revenue, orders, products, customers, and more. Respond or predict trends from data insights and analysis results!

One Page Checkout Template

Customers will no longer be redirected away on checkout page. Greatly raises conversion rate!

Subscription Mode

Allow customers to set recurring purchases automatically. Generates a sizable and stable revenue stream

Localization Support

Automatically display the store in the customer’s local language and currency based on their IP location

3rd Party API Support

Easily connect to other revenue generation programs with a simple click in the management console

The Best
Retail Solution

Integrated Online Store, Cloud POS & Cloud WMS

As your eCommerce grows, management becomes a real hassle. Let Cyberbiz help you with our expertise and resources. Jumpstart your revenue and grow your business!

Cloud WMS
Drastically Cut Shipping Costs

Cyberbiz Warehouse System – HoneyComb is the cloud based WMS solution which not only helps you simplify your warehouse inventory and shipping workflow, but also cheaper when compared to traditional methods. Leverage the power of cloud and save on shipping costs with Honeycomb.

Cloud POS Solution
Unify Your Stores Everywhere

Easily manage all physical retail stores as one, then unify the data between online and physical stores. Manage inventory, marketing, rewards with ease. Clear data report. Cyberbiz will reduce workload for you!

Your Success
Is Our Mission

ZERO Security Issue

Your data and privacy is safe with us

Hosted on AWS

Sudden spike in traffic? No problem

Strong Customer Support

Our support staff is always ready to offer assistance

Large Amounts of Resource Available

Bridge that gap in knowledge and become a pro at eCommerce

The Most Comprehensive Retail Ecosystem

Cyberbiz offers a wide support for connecting to other 3rd party payment and shipping systems. With help from our partners and affiliates, take control of your eCommerce and grow your business!