A CRM System That Builds Fans

Most detailed filter in the business Unlimited VIP level grouping


Customer data filter and analysis

Increase Marketing Precision with Tags

  • The most detailed filter options in this business
  • Group by status, purchasing habits, or basic personal information
  • Filter, Tag, and notice an increase in marketing precision!


Unlimited Customer Grouping

Create different VIP groups and levels to foster a sense of belonging for your customers.

  • Unlimited numbers of customer groups
  • Deliver highly customized messages based on the different group’s requirements and preferences
  • Create a sense of belonging for your customers to create fans for your brand


Precise E-mail / SMS Delivery

Precisely deliver the right message to the right customers first hand

  • Built-in E-mail / SMS delivery system
  • Includes exact information about the customer to increase conversion rate
  • E-mail open rate more than 20%
  • Click through rate from smart phones are over 90%


Special member group based pricing scheme

Precisely deliver the right message to the right customers first hand

  • Display discount for visitors to incentivize sign-up and purchase
  • Display personalized info to offer private, personal discounts
  • Display bulk pricing for enterprise and group buy customers
  • Display in-store only specials for visitors in retail stores

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