Stimulate Purchase Interest

Huge selection of exciting promotional tactics to help you increase conversion rate and raise minimum spending amount per customer


20+ Promotion Tool Modules

Flexible bundle options, with new take on consumer psychology

  • Bonus gift, free shipping, limited time offer, cash rebate, mix and match.. etc.
  • A variety of promotion modules that can be combined flexibly to entice customers
  • Greatly raises conversion rate and average minimum spending dollar amount


Landing Page Store

The tool that offers highest conversion rate

  • Inform the advantages, then the price
  • Encourages Impulse buy
  • In conjunction with attractive advertisements will easily lead to more conversions


Subscription Mode

Builds steady increasing revenue

  • A must for consumable purchases
  • Schedule periodic order and payment
  • Offer customers convenience and build steady revenue


Lucky Draw & Games

Experience surge in membership registration with gamified marketing

  • Deepen interaction with customers through gamified marketing
  • Register-to-play encourages membership registration
  • Play For Discount mode marketing leads to 1/3 higher conversion rate

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