Website Traffic Is Not About Paying For More Ads

Cyberbiz offers a suite of tools to help you drive traffic and build stable visitor pool.


Revenue Share Marketing Tools

Turn every customer and every purchase into bestsellers!

  • Anyone can earn a share of the revenue by having other people enter their personalized referral code at checkout.
  • Let influencers, loyal customers, and employees bring in traffic for you !
  • Revenue is only shared when an order completes, the marketing risk is near zero!


Livestream Selling

Turn popularity into hard cash. Turn fans into business

  • Auto converts +1 into orders
  • With a full featured order management system, you are always in control of every order
  • Leave keywords in comment to enter lucky draw mechanism gamifies livestream making it fun to watch
  • Campaign info cards, clearly display all campaign info


Integrated Affiliate Marketing

One stop platform to work with all influencers & precise exposure

  • Connects with the largest influencer matchmaking platform
  • 100+ bloggers, KOL, and website promotion, effectively
  • Raise company revenue and exposure


Instagram Shopping

A whole new shopping experience Quickly create bestselling merchandises!

  • Market your products to over 1 billion users
  • Create a story with pictures, build scenes to sell
  • Variety of posting templates to choose from and provides the best reach coverage to all your audiences
  • Shopping experience is easy and posting, tagging effortless


SEO Optimization

Optimized organic search results
Boost traffic to your website

  • Systemized data tags
  • Create SEO settings for every single merchandise to greatly improve site ranks!

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