WMS = Warehouse Management System

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FILA entrust all online fulfillment to CYBERBIZ. Through our collaboration, I feel confident in their professionalism.

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Why cloud WMS matter

CYBEBRBIZ cloud WMS 6 Main Features

Rapid Shipping

Speedy order handling Ships in 24 hours Next-day delivery

Perfect Time Management

Precise schedule management Strict control Ensure fresh delivery

Secure Monitoring

Merchandise surveillance with no blind spot Traceable quality control

Multi-Channel Support

Support multiple online shopping platform Integrated express services Global shipping

Real-Time Tracking

Real-time inventory management Real-time merchandise status

Diverse shipping options

Multiple shipping choices Time saving and convenience for customers

Warehouse Inbound in 3 Steps!

1. Cloud Receiving

After receiving details is input into the cloud, CYBERBIZ cloud WMS staffs will check the list and prepare for receiving

2. Inspection

Once a truck arrives at the warehouse, the staffs will scan merchandise barcodes and confirm expiration dates and quantities.

3. Put-Away

Once inspection is completed, inventory data will be updated and merchandises will be placed in storage locations.

Our Customers

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