Detailed Features List


Multiple Templates To Choose From Plus Customization Options
Online Store is as easy as apply template and then open for business! Fully customizable HTML, CSS, and JS templates. You are able to edible down to the last detail on that webpage visual to make it as enticing as possible!
Meta SEO Settings
Improve SEO ranking and website traffic with proper Meta Tag settings.
Use blog as a publishing platform to announce latest website news and other brand updates. Influencer recommendations can also appear here and serve as deep content that appeals to consumers.
Domain Settings
Can be customized to re-enforce branding image or based on marketing needs.
One Page Checkout
One page checkout simplifies complicated authorization popups and consolidates payment process all onto one single page. Buy & pay, it’s that natural!
Follow Up Confirmation Emails
As order process goes, automatically sends confirmation emails to create a trustworthy shopping experience.
Merchandise Item Number, Sub-account Management
Unlimited item listing number and admin accounts.
Inventory Safety Line
Preset minimum stock number in the inventory for safeguarding purposes. When stock runs low restock reminders will be automatically sent.. The item can also be temporarily set as unavailable temporarily to prevent oversell.
Merchandise Inventory List
Clearly view all items in the inventory by listing.
Merchandise Batch Import
Upload excel file to batch import merchandise data. Simple and easy.
Order Management And Export
Manage reverse logistics based on the order sources.. Order data can be further filtered to be select and exported for sales analysis.
Preorder Merchandise Settings
Set pre-order items. When stock is not available for purchase customers can still place a pre-order for it so you don’t miss out on any potential purchases.
Place Order For Customers
The store can assist customers in navigating the store interface or place orders on customer’s behalf. This can efficiently solve indecisive customer’s problems and built customer trust.
Merchandise Batch Export / Information Modification
Excel sheet upload is not limited only to import/export. It can also be used as a way to batch edit mass amounts of merchandise data.
Multiple Shopping Carts
Automatically separates an order into different shopping carts for checkout when they will be shipped from multiple sources. This will prevent shipment delays due to shipping restrictions and other delaying factors.
Specify Access by IP only
Restrict backend access by IP address, further enhance security.
Reminder for Unpaid Items / Orders
When a shopping cart is idle or a customer have not completed payment process after placing an order, the system can automatically send reminders to the customer.


Credit Card Payment Services
Supports all credit cards issued by major banks.
Virtual ATM
Once an order is complete, a virtual account number will be automatically created for the customer to wire payments into through ATM or in person.
Convenience Store Code - ibon Payment Slip Print And Pay
Once an order is complete, a payment code will be automatically created for the customer to print out payment slip at an ibon machine from 7-11 convenience stores.
Convenience Store And Home Delivery COD
Supports all major convenience stores or shipping service COD.
Mobile Payment Service
Supports mobile payment systems like Line pay.
Taobao AFTEE
Supports 3rd party payment systems like Alipay, AFTEE, and Paypal, and also some after payment services.
Background Authorization On Credit Cards
Through backend authorization, consumers can directly enter their CC number right on the store checkout page without the need for redirection pop-ups. Streamline payment process!
E-invoice Issue Settings
Stores can choose to issue paper or electronic invoices.
E-invoice Issue On Behalf Of Merchants
Through our e-invoice system, save on the human labor cost of developing independent invoice system and save money and time.
Merchandise Return Process - Auto Refund
System can auto-process merchandise returns and save human labor cost.


Merchandise Status Auto Update Does Not Include Custom Shipping
Update inventory status in real time from the control panel easily.
Auto Set Delivery Date
Choose designated delivery dates to avoid missing shipments and making it convenient for customers to receive their orders.
7-11, Family Mart Store to Store COD, Pickup Only
Purchased goods may be dropped off at 7-11 or Family Mart by the seller and picked up by the customer at their store location of choice.
7-11, Family Mart Bulk Item COD Pickup Only
Purchased goods may be dropped off at 7-11 or Family Mart by the seller in bulk and pick up by the customers at their store location choice,.
President Transnet Shipping Slip Print / Reverse Logistics
Connects to President Transet Shipping service and can also handle reverse logistics tasks such as return merchandises.
Taiwan Pelican Express Shipping Slip Print / Reverse Logistics
Connects to Taiwan Pelican Express Shipping Services and can also handle reverse logistics tasks such as return merchandises.
Honeycomb Storage & Delivery Service API
Connects to Honeycomb Storage & Delivery services and users can enjoy a one-stop shipping services. Automatic responses to EC orders and real time backend inventory tracking.


Sale Items, Store Sale Deals
Flexible price markdown options for all the sale items or even whole store sale deals. Create the most enticing order and boost traffic!
Coupon & Reward Points
Flexible triggers on coupon rewards or reward point redemptions. Combine with different sales periods to effectively build up loyal customer base, stimulate purchase and re-purchase.
Free Shipping Threshold
Set threshold price for free shipping, one of the easiest ways to entice more buys and raise minimum spending amount.
Choose Your Discount
Set discounts for item of the month, holiday items and sales, and also for EoS items. Choose from X item for Y amount, free shipping, Z percent off, or W dollars off. Make every item sell like hot cakes!
Bundle Match Sales
Multiple bundle options, including A + B, A + B + C. Give the choice back to your customers and make them buy buy buy, raising minimum spending amount!
Create Top Up Purchase And Purchase Gifts
One page checkout including top up purchase with the the current order. Build up your customer’s spending amount slowly!
Create Special Deals
Create VIP customer requirement triggers to give out discount offers or free shipping. Give your customers a sense of exclusivity and turn them into hardcore advocates for your store.
Landing Page Store
Create a single landing page style store for extremely popular items, in combination with the store’s own brand to reinforce customer trust in the store and attract orders, further fuel the high conversion rate with single-page checkout.
Comment & Rating System
Show comments from other people who have purchased the item before to create true word-of-mouth trust and let other people’s opinion become your best sales.
Subscription Mode
Allow customers to set schedule and amount for recurring buys. No need to constantly come back to buy, and also creates a steady order source and train customer’s spending habits. Raise returning customers with a simple keystroke!
Lottery Game
Exclusive Cyberbiz only gamify function. Use reward points or coupons to attract customers to leave PI with your store along with orders. Greatly increase membership points and sales results!
Profit Sharing System
Through profit-sharing mechanism and collaborations with 3rd party affiliates who brings their own traffic, effectively attract membership registration and encourages buy.With profit-sharing code and link, track effectiveness effortlessly.


Membership Batch Import/Export
Batch edit membership data by uploading Excel files. Data may also be exported as Excel files, making maintaining data an easy task.
Membership Filter
Filter member groups precisely, and with their spending preferences and shopping experience to further group them into more detailed groups for re-marketing purposes.
Membership categories - special labelled customers
Using the tag function, create different VIP membership tags based on different criteria fulfillments, effectly seperate your customer base and precisely target them for your marketing ads.
SMS And Email Blasts
SMS or E-mail blast selected groups right from the backend control panel. Use small amount of money to effectively set reminders and lure them into the sales funnel.
Create Purchase Limits
Set purchase item limits on extremely popular limited edition items or super-discounted items to starve the customer demand and drive up the need.
Special VIP Pricings
Use in conjunction with VIP customers function to offer corporate buyers, bulk shoppers, and VIP customers special exclusive pricing to attract customers.


Operation Chart Analysis
Use at-a-glance simple graphics to show all aspects of the operational metrics. Extremely useful for operation strategy, marketing campaign execution, cost control, and event planning and reviews.


Google Analytics
Google Analytics is the most trust worth and useful web data analysis tool. You only need to enter the GA code in the backend control to activate it.
Google Tag Manager
Google Tag manager is a useful code management tool. It can help you add all kinds of different codes to your website. You just need to simply enter the code in the backend control panel to activate it.
Facebook API
Connect Facebook group page, stores, and customer service and product service. Also pixel tracking, FBE2.0 services. Customers can also quickly register for an account through FB login.
Google Enhanced Ecommerce Analytics
Turn on ‘enhanced Google analytics” to deep track customer spending habits. Including but not limited to add to cart and checkout. These functions may be turned on directly from the backend control panel No complicated settings and immediate feedback!
Google Ads Conversion
Receive customer conversion data by tracking conversion rate in order to optimize Google ad activity.
Google Ads Remarket
Through re-marketing, strategically displays all items the customers have visited to raise purchase intention and push for the last buy.
Line Quick Login
Customers can login directly use LINE.
Line API
Connects Line Shopping from the backend, Line Account 2.0, combines customer service, advertisement. and live stream, etc.
IG Shopping API
Connects to Instagram from Cyberbiz control panel to easily post and use live status updates. Creates intuitive shopping experience and reach out to 50 billion users.
shop.com Affiliate API
Connects to shop.com from the backend control panel and set profit sharing freely. Easily expand your reach!
Cyberbiz APP Store_Affiliates.One Affiliate Web
Through profit sharing mechanism from the backend, automatically connects nearly 300000 bloggers, influencers, and media platforms to sell brands and selected merchants to achieve affiliate marketing.
Cyberbiz App Store_Koo.Live
Turn on Facebook livestream sell function from the backend control panel and create an immersive shopping experience for your customer and quick,.turn the traffic into cash. The order information can be fufnorkndkbackjtlmeklf for future efererneceu lse.b
Cyberbiz APP Store_Omnisegment CDP
Multi-channel customer data can be analyzed as a combioned data set and managed uniformally. This is best for coming up with a unify marketing plan strategy.
Cyberbiz APP Store_Avivid
Using customer big data and AI technology to auto generate advertisements to target each individual customer groups to achieve precise marketing.


When a member arrives at a physical POS they may use the code show from their smartphones, speeds up the customer data retrieval process.
POS System
Unify online and physical retail store customer data and simplify all marketing campaigns into one. Making channel management simple.


Multi-language & currency system
Language and currencies may be set automatically based on the customer’s IP location. Different localized front page may also be set and different EDMs can be shown, effectively expands your overseas market.

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