The Best
Retail Solution

All Integrated
Online Store
Cloud Point of Sale (POS)
Cloud Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Online Store - Cloud POS - Cloud WMS

The only solution offering completed ecosystem for your business.

by 35,000+ Companies

More than 20,000 companies use CYBERBIZ. Our rich industry-specific features help you to win customers and gain better revenue.

Site Building Service

We’ll be with you along the site building journey, providing consultant support, courses and seminars recourse.

Amazing Business Results at Minimum Cost

Our eCommerce platform is among the best in industry which offers great varieties of key features. 
Leverage CYBERBIZ for your business growth and greater profit.

High traffic and conversion rate

Effectively Generating Lead without Ad Cost

CYBERBIZ platform employs marketing tools to help you boost traffic and revenue without burning advertising budget.

Increase per customer transaction

Numbers of Useful Tools for Stimulating Purchase

Price cutting may not be your best choice.
Employ our promotion tools to turn nice-to-have items into the must-have ones in your customer minds!

Online-merge-Offline CRM

Turning Customers into Fans Creating Brand Loyalty

Customers are invaluable assets of your business. CYBERBIZ CRM helps you to gain customer insights for precise remarketing, increasing brand loyalty for both online and offline.

Build your online store with impressive user experience

With CYBERBIZ highly-customizable tool, we provide service to tailor seamless shopping experience for your customers. Streamlined payment and shipping process ensures least effort and increases user experience.

Fully Customized

We provide HTML / CSS editor for your detailed customization

Comprehensive Payment Solution

Support multiple payment methods
▪ Credit card
▪ Bank / ATM transfer
▪ Convenient store payment
▪ C.O.D., etc.

Variety of Shipping Options

Support all main shipping methods
▪ Convenience store pickup
▪ Home delivery
▪ C.O.D. pickup, etc.

Comprehensive Operation Data

Track and record data on revenue, orders, products, customers, etc. for insight analysis and trend prediction.

One Page Checkout

Reduce bouncing during checkout. Achieve high conversion rate!

Subscription Mode

Allow customers to set recurring purchases automatically. Generates a sizable and stable revenue stream

Localized Support

Automatically display your online store in local language and currency according to a customer’s location.

Support 3rd Party API

Easily connect to other revenue generation programs with a simple click in the management console

The Best
Retail Solution

Integrated Online Store, Cloud POS & Cloud WMS

As your eCommerce grows, management becomes a real hassle. Let Cyberbiz help you with our expertise and resources. Jumpstart your revenue and grow your business!

Cloud WMS
Drastically Cut Fulfilment Cost

CYBERBIZ cloud Warehouse Management System (WMS), HoneyComb, not only helps to simplify warehouse inventory and shipping workflow, but also achieves low operation cost compared with traditional methods.

Cloud POS
Unify Your Stores Everywhere

Simply manage all of your physical stores on one screen. All-store data will help you to manage inventory efficiently. In addition, our platform can help you to integrated online and offline data enhancing OMO marketing and service.

Your Success Is Our Mission

ZERO Security Issue

Your data and privacy is safe with us

Hosted on AWS

Sudden spike in traffic? It’s manageable.

Strong Customer Support

Our staff is always ready to assist you.

Numbers of Resources Available

Cross knowledge gap and become a pro at eCommerce

The Most Comprehensive Retail Ecosystem

CYBERBIZ platform fully integrates marketing tools, payment and fulfillment services, streamlining your operation and delivering impressive user experience.

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